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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yunku-chan, where are you?!

Everything has been resolved in a professional way.

Apologies will be made.

I have been reinstated.

However, I'm still not happy.

In fact, even if I have the riches of the world, nothing can make me happier.

In a nutshell: I want my little Yunku-chan!

Yunku-chan, if you are reading this, please come back...

I... can't... take... this... solitary confinement... ANYMORE!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Seriously, this have gotten out of hand!

Now both sides are fighting the war and they are using me to be a tool of war!

What is wrong with these people?!

If you want to start a war, don't do it on me and my loved ones' expense.

Both sides are making me detest the both of you.

So, if there is such thing one more time, I will manhandle the both of you.

The both of you guys, please stop this war right now!

I mean it!

Anyone who DARES to mess with me shall be destroyed!

Monday, October 20, 2008

In Another News!

I just got a copy of a DVD.

"Masters of the Universe" starring Dolph Lundgren.

I have been waiting to watch this for quite some time. And yeah, I am an avid fan of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe".

If you don't know what that show is, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

This is one of the best cartoons of the 80s.

I enjoyed watching it as a kid, and I still like watching it now.

And yeah, I'm planning to cosplay as Prince Adam a.k.a. He-Man for the year 2012.

Hopefully my plans go according to plan.

Alucard Yamada

The War Has Begun!

Alright! This is getting insane!

Those bastards have strike again!

This time, at one of my usual hangouts!

Those bastards really deserve retribution!

If I take this any longer, my anger will consume me to damnation!

Seriously, why can't they suffer right now?!

Those losers have no right to ruin my love life!

Those bastards must pay!

They shall pay with their lives!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally! There's something better to do.

Yeah! Recently got a copy of "Akumajou Dracula X Chronicle Original Soundtrack".

Been listening to it for some time now. Will do a review when I have the time.

So, for now, I'm just chilling out till I can collect my papers.

And then, it's on to the "real world".

Alucard Yamada

Monday, October 6, 2008



So, you want to play the "Real World" ah?

Well, guess what? Meritocracy is shit!

The true form of a good governance is both democracy and communism.

Go ahead, flame me all you want. You will never win. Trust me.

And yeah, who cares about working UNDER people these days. In this day and age, people would want to harbor the spirit of entrepreneurship. Who would want to slug it out for 20 years in a fucking job?!

And one more thing:



"You adjust to the squad and not the squad adjust to you?" FUCK YOU!

You know what is "Never leave a man behind?"


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Idiots Who do Nothing But Ruin Other People's Life!

Welcome to your doom!

Some of you guys have earned a spot in a revived list of "My Rivals".

Want to know who you are? Don't bother.

Seriously, you guys deserve no respect whatsoever. So what if I respect you all? I don't give a damn now.

Remember the saying "Respect is to be earned"? Well, have you reflected those words unto yourselves? No? Then FUCK YOU!

You only deserve a thing called Karma.

You do bad things to me, bad things will happen to you.

And I guarantee it that it will be a vicious cycle that will end up in a lose-lose situation.

But no. I'm not that low to do that. Instead, I will leave you guys alone, so that you guys can go fuck yourselves. I don't care anymore.

That clearly means that you need not care about me anymore. So, don't bother talking to me about trivial stuff.

If you still want to drill your so-called advices, I must say that you have clearly not seen things from another angle.

Anyway, if I see any of you retards getting on my nerves again, I will take action.

Saya akan ambil tindakan!

Alucard Yamada

P.S. Why throw rocks on other people's rice?! Why can't we just live and let live?!