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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Just something to release before I implode and explode at the same time.

Due to recent events, I'm back!

Because rescuing someone from imminent danger and fighting for a lost cause is still better than obeying the oppression and letting them do everything.

By valuing your own freedom to the extent of shoving everyone else aside as if they are a bunch of carcasses, you are violating the freedom of others. Therefore, freedom is just an illusion. Freedom has a high price. The only thing that we can achieve is Peace and Harmony. If you can't do that and don't want to do that, then you are missing out on something bigger than yourself.

Plans? They are nothing more than variables.
Schedules? They warped your mind into a slave.
To truly break free from those is to release all that hatred, all that anger and channel it into something even more useful, like forgiveness, seeking help, above all, open up to others. That is how you truly improve on things. Because all the matters of the Earth are nothing as compared to the Afterlife, the next life and your own soul.

And when there is an opportunity to be saved by someone who believe in God, someone who doesn't need anything in return, what did you do? You end up being egotistical, selfish, mean, barbaric and above all, atheistic bitch who still complain about not having enough time and space when all of that cannot be owned. They need to be shared in order to sustain life!

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